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Full NameGerben Meijer

BirthdayNovember 1, 1981

Lives inThe Netherlands


Day by Day was founded in 2005. It began from a desire to help others develop their businesses amidst a rapidly changing ecosystem where open source pushed the boundaries of what was possible.Now, more than 10 years later, open source solutions are found everywhere. From macro levels in compute clouds spanning multiple continents to micro levels in embedded devices contained in wristwatches, it surrounds us wherever we go.Day by Day has a wide focus, but with a specific interest: Linux and Open Source. Many years of real world problem solving, systems design and implementation, development and support in this specific area has shaped it into a company that offers real value to businesses in the industry.


At an early age I developed an interest in electronics and computers. Through the internet I learned about an alternative operating system called Linux. The openness of that ecosystem was entirely new to me and to this day it fascinates me.The internet is essential to many of us. We'd like to think of it as any other utility, like power and water. When services are interrupted, the consequences can vary from just a nuisance to disastrous, both personal and in business.The freedom that an open system offers, both personally and to businesses, allows for a very high level of control over success, or failure. It therefore comes with great self-responsibility to whomever uses it. Yet it is this empowerment to shape it into whatever one desires that drives the imagination of many users and developers. The ability to contribute to the work of others and to accept contributions of others in your own work is paramount to the success that can be had.